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Our Mission

A League of their own baseball league has the mission to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can experience the joy of baseball, foster personal growth, and forge lasting friendships. We are dedicated to breaking barriers and challenging misconceptions about disabilities through the power of sports.

Our League creates opportunities for disabled adults to participate in the beloved game of baseball, promoting physical activity, teamwork, and skill development. We place a strong emphasis on accessibility, we ensure that every participant can fully engage in the game, regardless of their abilities. We will coach, nurture community, and empower our players to showcase their talents and celebrate their unique strengths.

Join us in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie as we inspire and uplift the lives of disabled adults, fostering a sense of belonging and instilling a love for baseball that lasts a lifetime.


Our last game is February 3rd. Come out and Cheer on the players and see the joy they get from the hit to the homerun! Please know your donations help us continue on all administration costs to stay open, providing equipment for adaptive use for some of the players, and supplies at the field during the games. We support our donors with advertisement and presence on our correspondence and website to promote them for their support.

Final Game &

End of

Season Bash  

February 3rd


10:00 am 1st Game

11:15 am 2nd Game

Red and Blue Fireworks_edited.png
Blue Skies

Game Times



starting at 


the 1st teams play 


The 2nd teams play


Season Schedule

Game Dates



Season is over.

We will post when open registration is available.  Please check your updates in email that will be sent out periodically during our break in season.


Temple Terrace Parks & Recreation
Family Recreation Baseball Complex

6710 Whiteway Drive
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

  Please fill in completely with all needed information. 
We take registration for these upcoming seasons all year long. When it is submitted to us, someone will reach out to you as it gets closer to the season.  Please mail your registration fee to the office.
Registering early will allow us to get your name, number that you desire to be on your shirt. 

Volunteer Form

Click here to register!


The Sponsors' Dugout

Thank you! 

Please Check out these Fabulous Businesses & Individuals that support us!


is Intentional. It is about identifying barriers and removing them so that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.


Team Spotlight

At Bat View
Play Video

​ supporting individuals with
Special Abilities.

New Tampa Players
Penquin Project 

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The Focus is to continue education and work skills for transitioning adults after graduating.

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Serving Pasco, Hernando, and Pinellas Counties
Hillsborough County 
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Support our League

Please Donate via:
 Cash App:  


Or by check:  
A League of their own Tampa
Mailing address:
9824 Smarty Jones Dr. Ruskin Florida 33573


The below methods are how you can donate to help us keep the league growing.

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We are supporter funded! Our Players, Parents, and Staff appreciate your support. 

The league administration costs are on going, and what we have to connect to the public, create our marketing, buy the banners, equipment, and uniforms for our players to have at games. We want to always be able to keep the doors open so that adults around our county and nearby can come and play without impeding the process due to no funds.  We know that you can see our efforts on our site, through our updates, and at the games if you come to see us and cheer these adults on as they play.  


The donations are charitable and can be submitted through your company for the IRS. We look forward to being around as long as our supports will have us. Please become a part of our organization so we can post and support your business through the use of your log and site info on our site.


The word of mouth is a strong business building tool and we will show all of our supporters with loud appreciation to all. 

Select donation amount

Please let us know if you need a tax exempt copy sent to you by email for your charity exemptions for the IRS. We will be glad to send you a copy upon your request.


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